The sexy diva, Lee Hyori able to maintain her body shape all because of learning yoga. IU who is the part-timer at Hyori’s Homestay able to experience the yoga class taught by Lee Hyori herself.

At the recent broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Hyori’s Homestay’, Lee Hyori personally teach the part-timer, IU to learn yoga but IU just can’t stop shouting in pain with the voice: ‘e~ aaaaaaaaa’

Lee Hyori feels like IU has much time before she performed on stage, so she taught IU how to do stretching for a healthier body. IU thought was just a normal stretching but who knows the pain is now approaching.

Lee Hyori asked IU to stretch her leg and after maintains the pose for 5minutes, IU shouted: “Sister, I’m going to die soon.”

Lee Hyori then asked IU to do another pose and even praised her:”You are very talented in yoga.” The healthy yoga class became a torture for IU.” Lee Hyori then said: “You are strong, if not you are not able to do all these poses. Your body seems soft, your personality is soft as well.”

When IU was shouting in pain and Lee Hyori cheered for her with compliments.

Photo source: Hyori’s Homestay