Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon built a good relationship while filming tvN’s drama Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight.

Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun starring at drama ‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight’ and the characters Park Bong Pal (starring by Taecyeon) and Kim Hyun Ji (starring by Kim So Hyun) have received lots of love from the viewers. They became best friend after the drama ended.

Recently, when Kim So Hyun filming her most recent drama ‘The Emperor: Master of Mask’, Taecyeon sent a food truck on set to support Kim So Hyun. So Hyun even posted on her Instagram: “Taecyeon Oppa sent coffee and snacks! Thank you, will work hard in filming after ate it.” The coffee truck hangs a banner written: “So Hyun ah, please come visit me in the military.”

Recently, Taecyeon and David Kim (who was starring as Kim In Rang in drama ‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight’) are filming for OCN’s upcoming drama ‘Save Me’ and Kim So Hyun has sent a food truck to support them! Taecyeon wrote on Twitter: “At such as hot weather and have action scene, it’s perfect timing to send the coffee truck. The kind-hearted So Hyun, the best, the touching tears.”

The coffee truck hangs a banner written: “Please take care of Taecyeon, David Oppa. Although the weather is hot but fighting staff!” Another banner also written “Taecyeon, David Oppa Fighting.”

Although Taecyeon will be enlisting soon, but hope in future, he will have the opportunity to collaborate with So Hyun in a drama.

Photo source: Kim So Hyun’s IG, Taecyeon’s Twitter, tvN