Song Il Gook recently updated his SNS and uploaded the photos of our all time favourite triplets, Daehan, Minguk and Manse.

Song Il Gook wrote: “My phone has problem, so its been a while to upload photos with the caption. Recently lots of things have happened. Manse vision has dropped and started to spectaculars last week and went to dental and pull out his loose teeth. Just like the musical ended not long ago, the script ‘the bottom front teeth is gone!’ Scan X-ray and found out new teeth are growing so just pulled out the loose teeth without anaesthetic. He is brave, didn’t cry.”

Look Manse flashing his teeth without the bottom front teeth ><

Another photo is the triplets with  Song Il Gook, and Manse has joined Daehan wearing the spec.

Photo source: Song Il Gook’s IG