Laundry service is everywhere and available in each town in Korea. And fans recently found out these laundry shops have their favourite idols’ clothes!

Recently, Korea forum has a set of photos titled ‘Found the idols’ on stage clothes in the laundry shop in town” and have received high attention from the fans. Who knows the idols’ clothes that they were on stage will be sent to the laundry shop in the town~ We thought they have their own laundry service in the company~

Seventeen’s stage clothes: the pink sleeve + black shirt

The flowery, black, white and red coat which are the clothes that wore by NCT when they performed their debut song ‘Fire Truck’.

And how about this? These cute one-piece dresses are worn by Apink during ‘No No No’ promotion.

BigBang’s G-Dragon’s clothe can be found as well~ It’s found in one of the laundry shops near YG.

Other clothes which seem like the uniform for girl groups but these are actually from GOT7!

Photo source: Internet