JJ Project finally comeback at the end of July and from the teaser photos to the MV also received lots of comments from the fans stated ‘the couple atmosphere”, even the journalist also can’t hide their curiosity and asked JJ Project if both of them have the love relationship between each other. Check out what they have answered:

JB and Jinyoung went for audition as a group and successfully entered JYP Entertainment then even grouped and debut as JJ Project followed by joining GOT7. Amazed by their friendship.

On 1 August, JJ Project received an interview and being asked: “both of you must be relying on each other very much, did you feel the love between the brother?” Jin Young quickly denied and said: “Love relationship? Not to that level” and JB then laughed and said: “That’s right, is not love relationship, is just friendship.”

But when they discussed their fate of being together for such a long time, they said: “It’s really amazing, thinking back, still can’t imagine I entered the company with Jin Young, together grouped as JJ Project, filmed drama and even together become one of the members of GOT7.” JB revealed: “Although our personalities are different, but there are many similarities. We saw the fan-made video, I will do the same action as Jin Young. Sometimes will think that this is destiny.” Jin Young then said: “Maybe is the personality is different, that’s the reason why we match well.”

Check out ‘Tomorrow, Today’ MV, if you have not watched it:

Photo & video source: JYP Entertainment