Na PD says Eric has increased his cooking speed from 5 hours to 4 hours >< Looking forward to the broadcast on Friday~

‘Three Days A Meal: Sea Ranch Special’ will remain the same members from last season which includes Lee Seo Jin, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang. Recently they released the teaser and we bet you’re looking forward to the new season right? On 1 August, Na Young Seok PD, Lee Jin Joo PD and writer Kim Dae Joo joined the press conference.

At the press conference, Na PD said: “After the last Fishing Village session ended, I felt Deukryang Island is really beautiful and wanted to come again in Summer. But these 3 members really have no talent in fishing so decided to give up on fishing. So we bring Jackson’s family (the sheep) and will be showing the new content to the audiences.

Na PD added: “Eric became more cheerful, previously is more shy but now is becoming more cheerful and have more conversation. This season also requests for the speed in cooking, last season they used 5 hours and this time was 4 hours. That’s a huge improvement.”

In most recent teaser, it announced the first guest, Han Ji Min. Na PD said: “Because she has collaborated with Eric and Lee Seo Jin through dramas, so they know each other. To the production team, Han Ji Min is the angel, so the atmosphere was great during the filming.” He also mentioned hoping to find Kim Nam Gil and Park Na Rae to join as the guests.

When Three Days A Meal first broadcasted, Lee Seo Jin kept saying that this program is going to end soon then Na PD responded: “He knows the show will not end, that’s why he decided to join. Compared to the beginning of the show, Lee Seo Jin currently enjoy the program. And whether the program will end is not decided by him but is by the audiences. This time I have the thought of ‘if the programs is going to end, then I will not do this again.” When being asked about the criteria of ending the program, Na PD answered: “Although is not fully based on the viewerships and made the decision but from Lee Seo Jin’s self-esteem, if the ratings are not over 10%, he might step down from the program.”

Three Days A Meal: Sea Ranch Special will be aired on 4 August. Don’t miss the broadcast:

Photo source: tvN