Park Seo Joon smartly appeared on the fashion magazine ‘High Cut’ and showed his casual wear with the boyfriend look.

After the photo shoot, he had an interview and discussed his most recent drama ‘Fight For My’ which just ended and also his upcoming movie ‘Midnight Runners’. He said: “Although the action scene is different, but after finished ‘Hwarang’ shooting, I have built my confidence. I knew how to perform to make my acting looks real. Drama Fight For My Ways which required to show my body, actually I’m really stressing because the muscle drops really fast. Movie Midnight Runners, I have to choose one of the martial arts after entering the police academy, Kang Ha Neul chose the Kendo and I chose Judo which requires lots of turning action.”

At drama Fight For My Way, Park Seo Joon starring as the normal but outstanding character, Dongman. The love relationship between Ko Dongman & Choi Aera, Joo Man & Baek Seol-Hee triggered the resonance of the viewers. To this, Park Seo Joon said: “The love relationship of Dongman and Aera are the dream relationship for the guys-girls friendship. And Jooman and Seolhee showed the reality of current couple. Both couple brought different romance, and there’s a balance in the drama. There’s not much scene with another couple, so viewers will have different views while watching them.”

Will Park Seo Joon fall in love with the girl friend who he knows for a long time? He said: “Actually I have not much girl friends, but that’s not certainty on this, anything is possible.”

Photo source: High Cut