Yuju’s leg spotted bleeding during GFRIEND’s comeback stage. The onstage water performance is really beautiful, but the girls won’t hurt themselves anymore.

On 1 August, GFRIEND returned with their latest mini album ‘Parallel’ and the title song ‘Love Whisper’ has topped various charts. Yesterday when they appeared on a radio program, they said: “We did not think of winning the first place, really thanks, all of you who like us.”

This timeĀ GFRIEND’s choreography has become more difficult than previous. They even challenged themselves to dance in the water. On 2 August’s Show Champion, they even moved the small pool on stage and danced while singing. They are really awesome!

Fans spotted Yuju’s leg was bleeding during the beginning of the song, but she stays professional and showed the audience the perfect performance. Fans are worried as she must be in pain when the wound touches the water! Fans also commented: “this time the choreography is getting harder, dancing in the water is really dangerous” “really scare they will injure”

GFRIEND is really professional hope they will not hurt themselves next time.