Looking forward to their collaboration in this new detective web drama.

‘Mischievous Detectives’ (literal translate) talks about the story of two genius high-school students and the female police detective investigating on the powerful consortiums following by the disappearances of the boys’ parents. This is a comedy web drama that surrounds the story in school + detective. It is expected to have a total of 9 episodes and planning to air in the mid-September through NAVER tvcast.

Yoo Seon Ho and Ahn Hyung Seob, the trainees who have high popularity through Produce 101 Season 2 will have their first challenge on acting. In the web drama, they will act as the genius high-school student, Oh Sung and Han Eum who lost their parents. Ahn Hyung Seob said: “I am worried and looking forward to my first acting as the main lead, but in Produce 101, Yoo Seon Ho and I became closer and will be my biggest strength, I will be very hardworking.”

Apink’s Kim Namjoo will act as the temporary gurdian of the boys and also the righteous female detective, Oh Jin Kyung. Previously, Nam Joo also acted in web drama ‘Detective Alice’ and even received the nickname as the ‘Hardcore Prosecutor’. ¬†Looking forward to her character as the police!

Photo source: CUBE, VIEW Magazine