Lee Jong Suk will announce to the fans if he is enlisting the military~

Recently there’s rumour that Lee Jong Suk has recently the enlistment notice and will be enlisting on 10 August. But that time YG Ent responded: “There’s true that he received the enlistment notice but currently the final decision is not made.”

Today, YG announced: “Lee Jong Suk recently received his draft notice from the nation and deciding to enlist, but as the main lead of movie ‘VIP’ and drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’, he feels the strong responsibility towards the upcoming film and drama. So he decided to delay his enlistment, hope for your understanding and support his upcoming projects. Thank you everyone.”

Lee Jong Suk also expressed through the agency: “I feel sorry because of my enlistment is later than those who same age as me, but I hope to finish the things that I need to be done then only fulfil the military duty¬†as a Korean man. When the time of my enlistment come, I will tell my fans.”

Movie ‘VIP’ starring by Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Soon and Lee Jong Suk will be premiered on 24 August and drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ starring with Suzy will be aired on 27 September!