So Ji Sub has become the highlights in movie ‘The Battleship Island’, no matter what characters that acted by So Ji Sub, you will fall for him~

So Ji Sub debuted as a model in 1995, and made his acting debut in 1997 in drama Model acting as Song Kyeong Chul, the brother of the main lead. He was a radio VJ and the emcee of two music programs in 1998~2000.

When we think of So Ji Sub’s drama, first comes in our mind is drama ‘Sorry, I Love You’. Not only that other characters also remained strong impression to the viewers, such as drama ‘Master’s Sun’, ‘Oh My Venus’, ‘I am GHOST’ and ‘Road No.1’.

The viewers once commented, if there’s 1 drama that will make you cry, that drama definitely is ‘Sorry, I Love You’. Although the drama was aired back in 2004, but it still worth a watch. We still can’t forget the scene where Eun Chae back to Australia and find her memories.

The drama episode is short but each scene and So Ji Sub’s acting remains strong impact to the audiences.

Those who know So Ji Sub well, out of all his dramas, which do you like the most?

Photo source: Sorry, I Love You, Master’s Sun