Song Joong Ki mentioned his bestie Lee Kwang Soo and Cha Tae Hyun when received an interview.

KBS 2TV’s show ‘Entertainment Weekly’ welcomed Song Joong Ki and appeared on the ‘Guerilla Date’.

Song Joong Ki shed tears when junior Park Bo Gum received KBS best male actor awards and has marked an unforgettable bromance topic after the ceremony.

MC of Entertainment Weekly asked: “If at that time was Lee Kwang Soo who received the award, will you cry?” Song Joong Ki then said with the gesture: “I will cover up instead” “because too embarrassing”. >< And another close friend and always the role model of Song Joong Ki is actor Cha Tae Hyun. Song Joong KiĀ told Cha Tae Hyun way before he announced his marriage news to the public.

When being asked to send a video message to one of his bestie, Song Joong Ki then faced the camera and leave a message: “Kwang Soo ar, I’ll have a new family soon, don’t always call me. A person needs to have awareness to live well, although it’s not wrong but I feel you’re still lacking”, the MC then burst into laughter.

The MC then continued to ask has Song Joong Ki proposed. Song Joong Ki said during that time he was very nervous: “Although we are actors who received lots of attention, but we are just like a normal couple who love each other, nothing special. Propose is very special to us.” The Song-Song couple who has many similarities and even same hobbies. Recently, both of them like to watch KBS’s drama ‘Father Is Strange’ and they even like the same couple in the drama.

Lastly, the MC asked: “Can I go find you on 30 October?” Then Song Joong Ki corrected him: “Is 31 October, and you can’t enter” >< Seems like the wedding is not open to media and public~

Photo & video source: KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’