WINNER previous album ‘Fate Number For’ was released in April but after few months they bring the brand new album ‘Our Twenty For’ and meet the fans. This actually breaks YG’s comeback record and set as the fastest comeback group. So, what’s the special reason for the speedy comeback?

Winner released their brand new single ‘Our Twenty For’ on 4 August and at the same time released double title songs ‘Love Me Love Me’ and ‘Island’ MV. The refreshing melody which perfectly suits the Summer.

When being asked about the reason of Winner’s speedy comeback, leader Kang Seung Yoon said: “Firstly I think, we able to have a speedy comeback is because we have spoken about this way before.”

Kang Seung Yoon explained: “The promise between WINNER and the fans or those who like us or our music actually gave us lots of encouragement.” He added: “To be more realistic, actually starting from the debut day, I have none stop composing music, even in the days without the schedule, in the resting time, I non-stop composing and writing in the studio. The newly released ‘Love Me Love Me’ and ‘Island’ are not newly written, actually, the demo songs were done before ‘Really Really’.

Kang Seung Yoon non-stop composing for great songs and some of the songs even rejected by the boss then he continued to make changes and arrangement. Finally his hard-work pay off and WINNER able to have a speedy comeback.

Photo & video source: YG Entertainment