The eldest brother, Jinwoo who often lost himself in a street, the smart Lee Seung Hoon, the sometimes dumb Mino, and the most mature maknae (youngest) Kang leader. Looking forward to their trip~

In recent broadcast of Journey to the West 4, they collected 7 dragon balls and the members are granted a wish. Song Mino’s wish is hoping to appear on Youth Over Flowers with the members of WINNER and all these wishes will be granted by the production team. We bet many of you are looking forward to ‘Youth Over Flowers: Winner Special’ right?

Recently WINNER who returned with their digital album ‘Our Twenty For’ and Song Mino and the members have shared their reactions after knowing this great news. Song Mino said: “I’m very excited, as soon as I won, I video called the members and everyone are very happy and even praised me.” (On 12 May, during the live broadcast of WINNER’s 1000th debut day, Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon have mentioned about this, seems like during that time they already knew it.)

Kang Seung Yoon also responded: “We never go on a trip, we often say wanted to go for on trip during our break. At the moment, Minho’s finger was blessed by God, we think that is really amazing and is super happy.”

And WINNER has received great result during this comeback, and performed on various music programs. Watch the lovely ‘Love Me Love Me’ stage performance by WINNER:

Photo source: tvN, Mnet