After the first guest, Han Ji Min’s appearance, Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special welcomes the 2nd guest of the season!

tvN’s variety show ‘Three Days A Meal’ aired their first episode on 4 August with the existing members, Lee Seo Jin, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang from Fishing Village 3. The first episode received 10.6 ratings of its viewership and the peak ratings were at 13.6%!

Han Ji Min who collaborated with Lee Seo Jin and Eric appearing as the first guest of the season and has received much attention. After the show broadcasted, Han Ji Min even appeared on the top search word in the search engine. The interaction between the trio has also created a huge topic.

Right after Han Ji Min, it’s confirmed that actor Lee Je Hoon will be joining. It’s stated that Lee Je Hoon’s scene was filmed in July and is expected to broadcast in the end of the month.

Photo source: tvN’s Three Days A Meal-Sea Ranch Special, TVDaily