The ending of the video is the funniest ! ! The little brother who don’t know how to ‘angry’ ><

SM Entertainment artists gathered in Hong Kong on 5 August for ‘SMTOWN Special Stage in Hong Kong’ and Super Junior’s Yesung shared the hilarious backstage video of the SM Family members on his Instagram.

진짜이 … 🔥 #무서운친구들

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Eunhyuk appeared with the angry expression followed by Donghae’s appearance, Yesung then wanted Donghae to practice the angry expression that did by Eunhyuk. When the camera changed to another side, EXO’s Chanyeol facing the camera with his serious facial expression. Eunhyuk then directed Chanyeol: ‘Nono, you must show your eyebrow’. Chanyeol then followed what has been taught. ><

Lastly, when the camera captured SHINee’s Onew, he then politely bowed to the camera then everyone acted him to have the angry expression. Onew then responded when the cuteness responds ever and said: “I don’t know how to angry”. Everyone then burst into laughter.

Photo & video source: yesung1106@Instagram