Is just two days left! ! ! Please return healthy~

Yesterday (7 Auugst), there’s news reported that Lee Soo Hyuk will be entering the military on 10 August. Lee Soo Hyuk signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in this March and has made many appearances in various dramas. His unique husky voice which always a strong impact to the audiences.

Recently, Lee Soo Hyuk made a cameo in Japan TBS’s drama ‘Sorry, I Love You’ starring as Baek Rang. (ps: Sorry, I Love You is a remake drama which was aired in 2004 and was starring by Seo Ji Sub and Im Soo Jeong.)

Lee Soo Hyuk debuted in 2006 as an model and followed by various appearances in movies and dramas such as tvN’s Valid Love (2014), MBC’s Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), Lucky Romance (2016), KBS 2TV’s Sweet Stranger and Me (2016) and more.

Do you still remember his vampire character in drama Scholar Who Walks the Night?? We’ll miss the husky voice with such a handsome visual~ Please return healthy

Photo source: KSD