By looking at Yoo Jae Suk’s appearance, what do you think he will be working as?

NBA basketball star Stephen Curry and his brother Seth Curry appeared on last Saturday broadcast of Infinite Challenge. Look at the grand opening to welcome the duo for a friendly match with the members~

The brothers had a short interview before the match and one of the interesting questions was to guess the jobs of the members. Firstly, they thought Jung Jun Ha is a chef or wrestler, then HAHA as the breakdancer, Nam Joo Hyuk who exactly look like what he is, the model. Then lastly, Yoo Jae Suk off his glasses and Stephen Curry said “He’s the boss” >< However Seth Curry said he was a teacher.

When comes to Park Myung Soo, Stephen Curry then said he looks like the professional fencer and Seth Curry who guessed Park Myung Soo as the DJ (which is partially correct)!

Photo source: MBC Entertainment