Actor Sung Hoon recently appeared on variety show ‘I Live Alone’ and showed his another charisma. During the photoshoot, he received an interview and talks frankly about himself.

Before the interview, let’s check out his cool photoshoot!

When talking about his appearance in ‘I Live Alone’ which he ate a big package of oats (ps: is just the plain oat) in the morning and was being called as the ‘Dry series man’, he said: “I am just showing my true self and it was broadcasted. I used to eat oats in the morning by holding the big package, so I won’t need to wash the plate which is really convenient.”

Sung Hoon recently also started to prepare for his solo world tour performance and the fan meeting tickets in Thailand has sold out as soon as it’s selling. He felt really grateful¬†about this.

Many people said he is handsome, but he then said: “I have never felt that I am handsome. I like the face such as Song Joong Ki.”

Sung Hoon was a professional swimmer but why did he give up? Seung Hoon answered: “The most decisive factor is the appearance of Park Tae Hwan who is an outstanding athlete, so I just think to stop it.”

Actually other than actor, Sung Hoon as another special identity –which is DJ Roi! “As a DJ, I’m currently composing the music, I will create an album that is fun and suitable for dance. Actually, during my promotion period, I secretly go to club without the company’s boss consent, but recently, I just go without hiding.”

Sung Hoon also said he has 10kg difference before and after receiving the paycheck: “If I am selected to join a new project, I will start to lose weight. I have no wild ambition to act as the main lead and will not care on the how much screens I have.” When being asked about his most impressive actor, he then answered: “So Ji Sub, he is the first person that I saw who has such a strict self-management, he’s the brother which has many to learn from.”

When being asked about the actresses, Song Ji Eun and Shin Hye Sun who he worked previously. Who has more charm? Sung Hoon then chose So Ji Eun and said ‘She’s a cute friend’. When talked about skinship scene, Sung Hoon expressed that: “The most important thing is the main actress must be well-captured to look¬†good.” Compare to romance, Sung Hoon wanted bromance more: “Feel like is more relax and more interesting.”

Sung Hoon also expressed his dating experience and style: “I have quite many dating experiences. Each dating style was different.” But if he dates, will he announce to public? He then answered: “I will not announce to public. And have no plan on marriage.”

Lastly, he shared about his target: “My final target as an actor is to become the actor who is recognised by other actors.”

His honest answers have received lots of great comments from the interviewee.

Photo source: bnt