Will you bring Park Bo Young’s standee back home when you see it put at outside in such a cold weather? ps: obviously not in this hot summer ><

Actress Park Bo Young recently interacted with fans through V LIVE. During that day, she and her family members gathered to celebrate her mother’s birthday, and so they gathered at Park Bo Young’s sister house. At the beginning of the V Live, Park Bo Young then revealed that: “because I drank a little, so my brother-in-law actually worried about me and asked whether I can do live and emphasized: This is LIVE!” ><

Park Bo Young hurt her leg during the filming of drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon’, she suffered in pain for 5 months and ended the shooting. She said: “Currently is recovering and underwent rehabilitation, last week finally I am able to jump since been a long while since I jumped.”

There’re lots of exclusive items in her sister’s house. She showed the soju bottle which has her face: “My brother-in-law asked it from the restaurant because it has my face on it.” Then she continued she showed her standee and said: “This was taken from the shop when my-brother-in-law was drunk. He said during winter, my sister-in-law will be really cold standing outside, so he sat taxi and brought back home. Initially, it was put at the rooftop but the weather outside is cold, so they decided to put it in the room.”

Park Bo Young also revealed that her sister, brother-in-law, and her family members are big fans of her, so she felt really happy. Maybe because of alcohol, Park Bo Young seems really happy in this LIVE chat, if you missed out the live broadcast, check out HERE.

Photo capture: VLIVE