Is been two years to see We Got Married Sung-Joy couple’s interaction~

On 7 August, MBC’s variety show ‘Brother’s Thoughts’ welcomed the guests, Park Si Yeon, BTOB’s Seo Eun Kwang and Yook Sung Jae. At the show, Sun Jae received a video message which made him surprised yet happy. The person who sent the video message is actually his partner, Red Velvet’ Joy from MBC’s variety show ‘We Got Married’

MC then said: “she is the person who was attracted by Yook Sung Jae but luckily has escaped.” which made SungJae looked a little frightened and blurred. The MC then asked what is her relationship with Sung Jae, she answered: “A close siblings relationship” “When I am doing my first variety show, and I don’t know how to manage then he told me ‘You don’t need to try so hard to look good on everyone.” “Although we are just one year apart, but I don’t know he always made himself seems older. I thought it was cute.” ps: look at Sung Jae’s facial expression which seems like having a roller-coaster ride ><

After revealing her (Joy) identity then she greeted Sung Jae: “I am…oppa¬†onscreen wife..Joy~” “Is been two years right? Although our onscreen marriage has ended, but I always cheered for you in my heart, let’s be in a good relationship, fighting~”

Sung Jae then said: “I have debuted for 3~4 years, so have done some programs, and would like to share some of the things that I know to the juniors. During that time, Joy was really busy and she must be having a mentally hard time.” Sung Jae then suggested: “You can show your weakness in front of your close ones but not during work.” After few years, Sung Jae then embarrassingly said:”I don’t know why I was like that!” ><

Photo & video source: MBC’s Brother’s Thoughts