Jessica left SNSD in 2014, September and this month Jessica also welcomes her 10th Debut Anniversary and her album. Check out what Jessica said when being asked about SNSD.

Jessica released her 3rd mini album ‘My Decade’ on 9 August in celebration of her 10th Debut Anniversary. She had an interviewed and expressed that the moments with SNSD: “The previous fate that we have in our young age.”

When being asked: “Looking back to the 10 years, SNSD means what to you?” Jessica then frankly answered: “To me, those were unforgettable great memories! Because that was the best, the most tiring and many things have been experienced back then.”

“The most unforgettable moment is during Girls’ Generation debut day. Because everything is the first time, and the first time is always unforgettable.” Jessica continued: “I still remember the feeling when I solo debut. Everything that done for the first time will be remembered.”

Jessica returned with title song ‘Summer Storm’ which used her voice to express the free and easy mood when parted.¬†From the song, we can see Jessica’s growth and hope.

Hope Jessica and SNSD have a better 10 years in future. Check out Summer Storm if you have not:

Photo & video source: Coridel Entertainment