Manner is really important in Korea especially to the seniors, the greetings between senior and junior is a must as well, but seems like recently these good manners have slowly disappeared. Yesterday (10 August), Girls’ Generation has comeback stage in M! Countdown and they actually intimated there’s only a junior group who came to greet them!

Girls’ Generation has debuted for 10 years who has the high status and popularity and also the idols of many junior idols. Yesterday night, Hyoyeon updated her Instagram story with Seohyun appearance in the video. She holds EXO’s album and praised ‘EXO the best!’. Some of the fans actually found that Hyoyeon commented on the video and written: “Thank you for the only junior who came to greet us.”

Back then as the junior, they will need to go to each seniors’ waiting room to greet them and give their album as the manner and also the great chance for the seniors to know the juniors. During that time, the performers include Raina for debuted for 8 years, EXO who debuted for 5 years and lots of newly debut junior groups. And the ‘only’ that Hyoyeon mentioned might be EXO who was the only group came to greet them.

Actually not only Hyoyeon, many senior singers have raised questions regarding the junior groups’ manners nowadays. Lee Hyori, Sinhwa, G.O.D have actually mentioned that junior groups need to improve on their manners.