This week Happy Together 3 welcomed Girls’ Generation!

Yuri said previously she filmed drama ‘Defendants’ with Ji Sung: “Ji Sung oppa said to practice acting together so he called me to his house. But when half-way practising, Ji Sung oppa’s kid came to interrupt, so in the end, I drank with Ji Sung oppa and Bo Young onni.” really the alcoholic Yuri ><

Yuri also shared the relationship of Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young: “Their relationship is really great. Ji Sung oppa is very gentle and soft, however, Bo Young onni is more free and easy. So both of them are just great to be together.”

Taeyeon then shared her story when buying the concert ticket: “I tried to purchase my own concert ticket when it is opened for purchase. During the fan sign, I heard from many fans that the tickets are really hard to buy, so I wanted to try how difficult is it. When buying the ticket, I have once thought that my phone was spoiled. But my feeling was really good.”

Not only that, the members even revealed each of the members’ stories. Taeyeon said Soo young: “She looks smart but always lost things and pretend herself.” Yuri then added: “Soo young to which level? When she came down from the aeroplane, she sometimes will forget to bring her handbag, instead, she just took the in-flight pillow with her.

They also revealed their airport fashion. Soo Young said: “Although we debuted for 10 years, but we will still choose the clothes until midnight 3am before the day to the airport.” Tiffany added: “BoA onni last few days called and asked how to capture a nice airport photo. I then said if taking off at Incheon airport, then will need to wear a lower heel or sports shoe because there’s some distance from the entrance to the registration counter. If you’re comfortable, your facial expression will be good.”

Look at how excited when they are dancing. Check out the video HERE.

Photo source: Happy Together 3 screen capture