Taeyang recently filmed reality show, ‘I Live Alone’ and many people are curious about his lifestyle and also his house.

‘I Live Alone’ dropped upcoming teaser featuring Taeyang and we spotted the huge TV in his house. Do you know how much it cost? Let us introduce to you~

This big screen TV was specially produced for VVVIP, Samsung Electronics made, LED 4K Ultra HD screen. We have did a little of research on the TV and found out that this TV comes in 85/88 inch and 110inch which provide the different range. Also, this TV support 3D video and you can change the direction of the screen based on your preference.

The design of the TV is simple yet premium, it looks just like a picture with a big frame. The basic features such as WIFI is included, also you may adjust the audio to have the cinematic audio experience.

The 85inch TV cost around 33 thousand USD!

However, the 110 inch TV cost around 156 thousand USD!

By looking this expensive TV, we just can’t wait to find out more exciting things in Taeyang’s house!

Source: I Live Alone teaser & DANAWA website

DANAWA: http://prod.danawa.com/info/?pcode=1887200&keyword=UN110S9AF&cate=10224435