All these celebrities are now the top actors in Korea! Check out who they are:

Park Shin Hye

After Park Shin Hye filmed Lee Seung Hwan first MV, she then stayed at the same company as him and preparing to debut as a singer. The company even asked Tablo to compose a song for her and planning to debut her as a solo singer just like BoA. But not long after, the company then found out her acting talent, she then pursued to become an actress instead.

Park Shin Hye always prepare dance performance during her fans meeting, so this indirectly pursued her dream.

Won Bin

Initially, Won Bin wanted to become a professional car racer, so after he graduated he worked in an automobile repair shop but he then found out that the job did not suit his personality so he decided to become a singer instead. He searched for the professional vocal trainer for vocal training and even participated SM’s audition. But he did not fit the theme of the audition so was dropped out. But thanks for that, we can now see this outstanding actor.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum loves music and his dream during high-school was to become songwriter singer. He filmed a video of himself playing the instrument and sent the video to SM, YG, JYP and others and also participated in the audition.

The first who replied him was Blossom Entertainment, which is also his current agency. The company thinks Park Bo Gum is more suitable to become an actor, so he debuted as an actor instead of a singer.

Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah-In wanted to become a celebrity since young, at the each of 16, he came all the way from Daegu to Seoul to train as a trainee and have accepted a long period of training. His aim was to debut as a solo idol singer, but his career changed after he joined the teen series movie.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk was scouted in 16 years old and become the model. After leaving the model company, he signed with a music focus company, almost become the idol group’s rapper. But Lee Jong Su trained for 3 months and found out that this was not suitable for him, so he changed to another company and became an actor.


When you watch Soo Ae you will always fit the word ‘elegant’ with her appearance. But who knows back then she almost become a rapper. Soo-ae joined a model agency after she graduated from high-school and preparing to debut as a 4 members girl group. But coincidentally, she went to the acting sector instead.

Goo Hye Sun, Lee Hani

Goo Hye Sun and Lee Hani almost became one of the members of 2NE1. Goo Hye Sun started as a trainee in SM but she coincidentally met Yang Hyun Suk and after his persuasion, she decided to change her path to become an actress instead. Lee Hani was a trainee of YG and initially was the backup member of 2NE1, but she then was chosen as Miss Korea so went to the actress pathway instead.

Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Yeon Hee almost becomes a member of Girls’ Generation. She trained together with Girls’ Generation during her trainee days but was eliminated in the final due to lacking in dancing.

Photo source: Internet