Recently, insider revealed that Yoo Ji Tae and Gong Myung are likely to join KBS 2TV upcoming drama, Mad Dog. Mad Dog is a crimal drama that reveals the reality of Korea society through insurance crimes and it is expected to take over drama ‘Manhole’ time slot and air in October.

If both of them are confirmed to appear in the drama, Yoo Jitae will be the main actor and starring as Choi Kangwoo who has 12 years police experience with the keen eyesight to uncover/ judge whether the person is a criminal.

However, Gong Myung will be starring as Kim Minjoon, the teammate who works with Choi Kangwoo. He is a student who majored in physic and medicine and is good in analysis.

And currently, the main actress is set to be Ryu Hwayoung. If she confirmed to appear in the drama, she will be starring as Jang Hari who’s the only girl in the team. Jang Hari, the gymnast who has the kind face, sexy body figure and the strong personality who not fear when facing of any criminals.

It is true that these 3 actors have received the proposal to join the drama but it’s not confirmed whether they will be joining.

Photo source: KSD