Seoul is an international city with the mixture of traditional and modern lifestyle. In the morning, you will see the grand palaces in the center of the city surrounding by the tall buildings, but at night, those who work, tourist or university student will go to club to release stress and to experience the night life in Seoul.

Korea’s clubs is one of the Top in Asia, when you visit Seoul, you must not miss out Club Octagon.

Club Octagon is one of the best EDM clubs in Asia which provides the best atmosphere to experience the EDM culture!  

Octagon Club started in 2011 and located in Gangnam, Seoul. As soon as it opened, it has become Korea’s top club to visit and was voted by DJ Mag as the world best top 5 clubs!

Actually what is most attractive is the exclusive theme-party, such as L4L-Love 4 The Ladies which is a party specially created for the ladies.

There is also ‘Run’ theme which to promote the healthy nightlife culture, all visitors need to wear sports wear in order to enter the club. So, no heels, no smart coat, pretty dress are allowed to enter when the theme is set.

Another was Korea’s biggest International student charity party, each year they will invite the top young singers to join, this year the special guest is Chang Mo.

Octagon is not only a normal club but it brings the latest and modern culture for the generation. The reason why Octagon received lots of love is that they provide various things that will attract the customers, club is no longer just about having fun but to experience the new level of enjoying music. They non-stop breaking the boundaries and bought the latest culture to us.

Club Octagon let the world experience Korea’s night clubs culture.

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Photo source: OCTAGON