GFRIEND always set Girls’ Generation as their super idol and the main vocal, Yuju almost burst into tears when she saw Taeyeon. Currently, GFRIEND and Girls’ Generation are having promotion, so they met at the backstage and take a group photo!

GFRIEND uploaded on their official Instagram on 12 August with caption: “With the most awesome senior Girls’ Generation and the senior who always the idol of us, congratulations on seniors 10th Debut Anniversary.” They even hashtag Girls’ Generation slogan ‘We are now SNSD, moving forward is SNSD, forever SNSD.” and their latest title songs.

The photo was taken at the backstage of MBC’s ‘Show! Champion’, that day GFRIEND bought their signed 5th mini album ‘Parallel’ to congrats SNSD 10th Anniversary.

SNSD and GFRIEND represent 2 different generations, sometimes fans will compare both of the groups, but both groups are really hard working and now reach their current status. Hope they continue to shine in future! Now, let’s watch Girls’ Generation and GFRIEND performances!

photo source: gfriendofficial, SM Entertainment, Source Music

video source: SBS