Seohyun’s mood totally changed when dancing to SISTAR’s ‘Shake It’.

The latest episode of Knowing Brothers welcomed the legend girl group, Girls’ Generation.

During the ‘guess songs’ game section, Heechul who well-known for his walking song-dictionary but this time lost to SNSD. SNSD always one step earlier than Heechul and get to correct answers.

One of the highlights was Seohyun who went wild when successfully guess the right answer of SISTAR’s ‘Shake It’. Seohyun showed her different charm, even Tiffany was shocked when Seohyun went wild dancing to her favourite song~

Not only, Tiffany, the members are shocked as well, then asked Seohyun to dance the whole song from the beginning til the end. Look at Seohyun’s satisfied and happy face~ ><

This week Knowning Brothers will still have Girls’ Generation, so, don’t miss out the broadcast!

Photo source: JTBC Entertainment