Both Zico and Taeyang have contributed in Psy’s latest album, but who knows Block B’s Zico will be featuring in BigBang’s Taeyang upcoming solo album!

Insiders today reveal that BigBang’s Taeyang reached out to Block B’s Zico to be featured on his album and Zico readily agreed on this collaboration. Zico will be featuring in one of the songs in Taeyang’s upcoming new album ‘White Night’.

Taeyang and Zico always have interaction in music and recently they met in the recording room in Seoul and together create a brand new song. Looking forward to the song composed by both perfectionists, Zico and Taeyang.

Taeyang will release his new album ‘White Night’ on 16 August! Don’t miss out the song which he collaborated with Zico.

Photo source: YG Entertainment