Such a sweet wife, Kim Tae Hee by sending a coffee truck to support her husband, Rain who is busy filming his upcoming movie.

Recently, the food truck company uploaded a photo on its official website and revealed movie ‘Uhm Bok Dong’ on set photos and stated that Kim Tae Hee sent a coffee truck in support his husband.

The coffee truck banner states, ‘Everyone has worked hard in this hot weather. All the actors and staffs, do gain strength until the very end and I will continue to support all of you!’

Uhm Bok Dong is a remake movie based on the real story of Uhm Bok Dong, the hero cyclist in Korea. Uhm Bok Dong is a patriotic cyclist who non-stop joining various competition and competed against Japanese cyclists and won. The movie talks about the heroine story of him during the Japanese colonial era and Rain is starring as the main character, Uhm Bok Dong.

Recently, Kim Tae Hee announced her pregnancy and has stopped all her activities and rest at home.