The latest episode of Running Man welcomes the popular girl group, Girls’ Generation. This episode is the ‘Bad Girls’ Special episode which each girl need to find their partners and those who are singles without the partner will be known as the ‘Bad Girls’

We just can’t stop laughing from the beginning of finding the partner. Firstly, was choosing Ji Suk Jin’s partner and the girls need to play rock-paper-scissor, the winner will become Ji Suk Jin’s partner.

But seems like no one wanted to win the game and Ji Suk Jin has repeated the sentence: “My heart is wounded” for multiple times. Because each time the girls won the game, they just can’t hide their sad facial expression and those who lost the game are more than happier. ><

Guess what? Yuri was Ji Suk Jin’s partner~~

Another highlight of Ji Suk Jin was before the game starts, SNSD actually danced to their hit songs but Ji Suk Jin asked: “Why didn’t you dance ‘Gee’?” SNSD then responded: “We just dance that song~” When asking about Yoona’s most recent drama ‘The Kings in Love’, Ji Suk Jin then asked: “when will it be aired?”. Lee Kwang Soo then said: “Hyung~ Is airing now, can you just stay still! or asked me before you asked them?” SNSD and the members burst into laughter thanks to Ji Suk Jin~

Photo source: SBS Running Man