In the latest episode of Happy Together welcomes Girls’ Generation as their guest and the members have shared interesting stories to the audiences.

Taeyeon shared that there’s one time where Soo Young forgot to bring her passport: “When we reached the airport, Soo Young then realised that she did not bring her passport and was shocked. And during that time there were too many reporters so her shocking facial expression was captured.” She even asked the MCs: isn’t it the scene that happens in drama?” xD

Tiffany then added: “We have been using her emoticons in our group chat. Because we used it too often, Soo Young even said she needs to protect her own copyright.” Soo Young then expressed: “I think is time to collect money now, they used my photo as emoticons too often.”

Soo Young then took us behind the story: “Actually that expression was made not because of I lost my passport. After all the check-in process, I then back to the car and fall asleep, so I was at a half-awake situation and got down from the car. All the members went inside and I was the last, so didn’t realise that I don’t have passport with me. But at the end, I felt like it was dropped at the car, so the manager runs to the car and took it. Manager sometimes will just take the passport without the flight ticket, when I was wondering, the manager really just took the passport without the flight ticket. Because if without the flight ticket, I couldn’t catch the flight, that’s the reason why I have that facial expression.”

At the end, SNSD even danced! Do check out the episode if you haven~

Photo source: KBS