SNSD recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary but the members have yet to renew their contract with the agency. Will Girls’ Generation continues as 8?

Yesterday (16 August), according to the source, most of the members of Girls’ Generation has renewed their contract and there are few members still discussing on their contract renewal.

Today (17 August), a media outlet reported that Tiffany might return to the United States to study acting after the 10th Anniversary promotion ended. SM responded: ‘We’re still discussing multiple things with Tiffany.”

When the news was spread, many fans think Tiffany has separated with her family members which are in the US, so is understandable if she wants to return to her home. And some fans hope the members will continue as Girls’ Generation.

As one of the top girl groups in Korea, Girls’ Generation represents current K-Pop generation. Other top girl groups such as 2NE1, Wonder Girls, 4Minute and SISTAR have disbanded, so many really hope Girls’ Generation will be there forever.