Today, Taeyeon head to Indonesia for an event and her arrival has attracted overwhelming crowd at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta. The airport was packed with the fans and Taeyon fell on the floor and expressed her distress regarding the airport issues on her personal Instagram. Many fans are worried on Taeyeon and the safety issue at the airport.

To response, SM Entertainment released a statement stated: “Taeyeon was surprised by the chaotic situation at Indonesia’s airport but she’s now in a safe and stable condition.”

They stated: “the organiser deeply apologise to Taeyeon and will increase the security to ensure the safety at the venue and also airport.” SM Entertainment added: “Moving forward we will take extra care of our artists’ safety and increase the security.”

Although Taeyeon was shocked by the chaos in airport today but she still worries for her fans and posted a message on her Instagram.

Hope this situation will not happen again, fans should be considerate and have the basic manner when met their idols.

Photo & video source: SM Entertainment