Kim Soo Ahn has become the demand child actress and made many appearances in big-films such as The Battleship Island and Train to Busan. If you realise, among all the main leads, Kim Soo Ahn is always the only child actress standing till the end.

Thanks to her powerful ‘father’ in the movie characters who well-protect her, Gong Yoo was starring as his father in Train to Busan and Soo Ahn and Jung Yu Mi stayed alive and were not infected by the horrific virus. Additionally in The Battleship Island, Hwang Jung Min tried his best to protect her only daughter which is Kim Soo Ahn. Thanks to many people in the island helping her to escape from all the issues, Kim Soo Ahn stays alive once again in the movie.

Both movies portrayed the touching father-daughter relationships and Kim Soo Ahn definitely has left a deep impression to the audiences.

Besides, just wanted to mention that actually in 2015, Infinite Challenge has filmed regarding the story in Hashima Island. Haha and the professor went to the island and even visited a 90-years-old grandma who was looking for her father and brother who were forced to work as the labours. She has no family members in Korea so has no choice to stay on the island alone.

The episodes were: EP433, EP441, EP443-EP445 (150620, 150815, 150829, 150905, 150912)