To continue the hot topic, this week we are still able to watch SNSD on Knowing Brothers~

SNSD recently comeback with their 6th full album ‘Holiday Night’. Although they have ended the promotion but we are still able to see them on TV. JTBC has separated SNSD appearance into 2 parts and released 2nd teaser on 19 August.

SNSD and the brothers have the informal conversation time. SNSD members revealed that Seohyun is still using formal language and speak with the members so they have suggested to have a informal conversation time. Although Seohyun seems shocked at first but within seconds she then walked towards the member who she wanted to speak in informal.

The production team also drops the snow white version of SNSD. The episode talks about the story between the mirror and the snow whites. The brothers have transformed to become dwarfs. xD

photo and video source: JTBC’s Knowing Brothers