No matter is junior or senior, most of the artists from YG Entertainment have visited Knowing Brothers.

JTBC’s variety show ‘Knowing Brothers’ dropped upcoming teaser on 19 August featuring the guests – BigBang’s Taeyang and Winner’s Song Mino.

The teaser started with Taeyang unique Kang Ho Dong version of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. Kim Yong Chol said: “I heard that you’re BigBang version Kim Yong Chol?” Taeyang then quickly responded: “that is the most shocking thing that I have ever heard since debut” xD

Another highlight was Taeyang asking Kang Ho Dong to choose between SM’s Lee Soo Man and YG’s Yang Hyun Suk. Hee Chul then said: “We’re from SM”. Kang Ho Dong is actually under the sub-label of SM Entertainment, SM C&C.

However, Song Mino finally meets Kang Ho Dong and Lee Soo Geun who appeared together on ‘Journey to the West’. Looking forward to their chemistry in the program.

Photo & video source: JTBC’s Knowing Brothers