The Korean Film Council announced that movie ‘A Taxi Driver’ which premiered on 2 August has become the 1st Korean movie in 2017 that exceeded more than 10 Million viewers.

According to source, last weekend, the movie has attracted more than 38 thousand viewers and took the first place during the weekend. Many movies have also premiered during the week but A Taxi Driver still maintains its first place. After last weekend, A Taxi Driver has become the 15th local movie that exceeded 10 Million viewers.

And initially movie, The Battleship Island which has high expectation and was expected to be the first movie who exceeds 10 Million viewers but the movie has dropped from Top 10 last weekend. The Battleship Island premiered on 26 July and viewerships grew the fastest but up to-date their have attracted 6.5 Million viewers.

A Taxi Driver talks about the story of a taxi driver from Seoul and a university reporter from Germany which incident taken placed in Gwangju. The main leads are Song Kang Ho, Yoo Hae Jin, Ryoo Joon Yeol and Thomas Kretschmann