Drama ‘Live’ is written by writer No Hee Kyung who was the writer of ‘It’s Okay, This is Love’, ‘Dear My Friends’ and ‘That Winter, The Winds Blow’.

Today, tvN reveals that: “Lee Kwang Soo, Jung Yoomi and Bae Sung Woo are confirmed to star in ‘Live’. Live is based on a story of a police officer at a precinct office. It talks about the police officer who working hard to maintain between value and justice.

Lee Kwang Soo will be starring as the hardworking police officer, Yeom Sang Soo. After It’s Okay, This is Love and Dear My Friends, this will be his third drama collaboration with writer No Hee Kyung.

Jung Yoomi returns to drama screen in 3 years and will be starring as Han Jung O.

Bae Sung Woo, however, will be starring as Oh Yang Chon, the police division of security guard. He had appeared in drama ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ and in movie ‘The King’, ‘Because I Love You’ and more.

Asides, the drama will be directed by director Kim Kyu Tae who previously worked with writer No Hee Kyung in drama ‘Worlds Within’, ‘That Winter, the Winds Blow’ and ‘It’s Okay, This is Love.” Looking forward to their collaboration again. The drama is expected to air in the beginning of 2018.