Recently, Lee Hi appeared on Park Jin Young’s Party People and made her teared up after singing ‘Breathe’?

Lee Hi participated in K-Pop Star Season 1 in 2011 and her powerful vocal has grabbed most of the audiences’ attention and the judges Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk also applauded her vocal. She took the 2nd place and signed under YG Entertainment after the competition.

In 2012, Lee Hi debuted with 1,2,3,4 and swept all the music charts and won the first place. During that time, Lee Hi was just 16 years old and many are looking forward to this monster rookie singer. But, after that, Lee Hi individual activities are getting lesser and lesser. During her appearance at the program, Lee Hi shed to tears talking about her difficulties during the past few years without promotion.

In the program, Lee Hi sang her own song ‘Breathe’ which released in 2016.

After the song ends, Lee Hi then can’t hide but teared up. Lee Hi said: “I really seldom cry, I hate crying and I don’t like others to see my crying face.” She then talked about her long break for almost 3 years without an album and new project. She said as a singer, she felt really frightening and scary and almost can’t breathe¬†because of stress.

MC, Park Jin Young then comforted her and said sometimes company will focus on profit and neglects the artistic elements, which is really unfortunate. And artist who is receiving high profits is hard to express their difficulties. 

Throwback to Lee Hi’s promotion since her debut, many are sympathy for her. She released her first album ‘First Love’ in 2013, the title song ‘Rose’ even took the first place in US Billboard. Lee Hi even became the guest in GD’s concert.

After that, her appearance became lesser. In 2014, Lee Hi joined Akdong Musician’ Suhyun and debuted as a duo group and released ‘I’m Different’. The song also swept all music charts.

The most recent activity was her full album ‘Seoulite’ which released in 2016. ‘Breathe’ is the title song of the album and also took the 1st place in 8 biggest music charts. At the same year, she sang from drama ‘Scarlet Heart’ OST – My Love and Can You Hear My Heart.

Luckily, Lee Hi has made several TV programs appearance such as SBS Gayo Daejeon and MBC’s King Of Masked Singer and impressed the audiences with her powerful vocal.

After the episode broadcasted, Lee Hi then updated her SNS with a sweet message: “No No No, don’t worry about me! Recently I’m really happy thanks to all of you.”

Photo source: Internet