Have you ever curious about the artists’ stage names? Why will they be using the stage name instead of their birth names?

Gong Yoo

Birth name Gong Ji Chul, his stage name actually has the meaning of ‘sharing’ (sounds like the word sharing in Korean language), which hopes to share with others in his life.

Ha Ji Won 

Birth name, Jeon Haerim. Her stage name is actually from her manager’s first love name. The manager hopes to complete his first love through the name and Ha Ji Won herself also likes the name and sounds nice and elegant, so she accepted.


Birth Name, Woo Ji Ho. He went to study aboard in Japan and studied arts. His Japanese classmates called him as ‘Jizi’ which sounds like ‘Zico’. The name left a strong impression to Zico so he decided to use it as his stage name.


Birth name, Kim Jun Myeon. Suho sounds the same in Korean language ‘protect’ which also means to protect EXO.


Birth name, Kim Han Bin. ‘B.I’ is the short form of ‘Be I’ which means he can do anything.  


Birth name, Lee Ji Eun. IU is actually a name combines of ‘I’ and ‘You’ which means combining you and me through music. This also portrays IU passion towards music. 

Seo Kang Joon

Birth name, Lee Seung Hwan. His stage name is actually Ha Jung Woo’s manager’s name (Ha Jung Woo is Seo Kang Joon’s senior from the same company). Because someone said that: “If used the manager’s name, he/she will be success,” so the company vice president instructed him to use the name as Seo Kang Joon.


MAMAMOO’s Solar birth name is Kim Youngson. She hopes her stage name is related to music so at first she wanted her stage name as ‘Do La Mi’ but after the president listened to her suggestion, he then suggested ‘Do Re Mi Fa So La’ the last two sound which combined called as Solar. So they used it as her stage name at the end. 


B1A4’s Baro birth name, Cha Sun Woo. His stage name is created by his president of the company. The meaning behind his stage name is hope he lives well (똑바로 살라).Do share us the story behind any celebrities’ stage name.

Photo source: Internet