Isn’t the grandma too adorable, she even showed off to her friends on how Lee Seung Hoon called her. xD

We bet if you are big fans of YouTuber, you will know this cute granny, Park Mak Rye who has more than 306,000 subscribers that always shared her daily life on YouTube.

Yesterday, Park Mak Rye granny shared a photo of her joining WINNER’s fan signing event with caption: “Back then I used to queue to buy mineral water in the countryside, today I queue for the first time just to get Lee Seung Hoon’ signature. Seung Hoon called me ‘Noona’ (means sister in Korean), which is really funny, my friends who went with me kept teasing me from far and said ‘Old Sister, Old Sister’. Then I asked them, didn’t you hear Seung Hoon called me Noona? I’m really happy.”

A photo of her with the friends:


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Lee Seung Hoon then updated his Insta story written: “I received Park Mak Rye granny’s signature” and it’s stated: “Lee Seung Hoon need to be happy” with her own signature written ‘Park’.

Photo source: IG@winnerciry, IG@korea_grandma