Have you watched last night episode of JTBC’s ‘Night Golbin’? You will definitely burst into laughter if you watched Lee Hong Ki and Kim Jong Hyun’s answers. The stars who shined bright on stage but is totally different when off stage. xD

This episode welcomed the guest, Choi Jung Won and had camping. In order to keep themselves awake, they started to take to the insects and taking turns to say lame jokes. When Kim Jong Hyun’s turns, Lee Soo Guen then asked him to say something really funny but Jong Hyun said: “I was really quiet when I am a student, I closed my ears most of the days.”

Jung Hyung Don then asked what’s this (holding a portable fan) in English? Jong Hyun then hesitated for a second┬áthen said: “An air-conditioner…?” Lee Hong Ki then answered: “A propeller..?” Everyone burst into laughter then Hyung Don gave a hint and said: “It starts with a ‘F’. Hong Ki then answered without thinking: “FTIsland!” Jung Hyung Don then speechlessly replied: “So your band is called as a Fan?”

So, Jung Hyung Don wanted to start with the most simple question and asked Jong Hyun what’s ‘dog’ in English. Jong Hyun then naturally changed the topic and said: “Actually my maths is better.” Jung Hyung Don asked: “so what is square roots of 16? He then answered: “…..I forgot!” xD

The episode also welcomed the temporary guest, Girl’s Day’s Yura. She asked a question from each member and those who get the answers wrong will need to eat the lettuce as punishment. Every member actively answered the questions only Jong Hyun stayed quietly without any answers. Lee Soo Guen then said: “Your teeth almost turns green, stop eating it.”

Photo source: screen capture from ‘Night Goblin’