Check out what’s SNSD themselves best hit songs.

On 8 August, SNSD returned with their 6th album ‘Holiday Night’ and had an interview with KBS’s Entertainment Weekly. The members choose their best 5 hit songs of Girls’ Generation and shared us the reason.

Top 5: The Boys

Because of the song, SNSD even went to US’s talk shows ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ‘Live! with Kelly’ and also danced along with the MCs at the programs. Hyoyeon said: “Just like the lyrics ‘The world’s attention is on you’ and we really received the attention.” The members also nodded their heads in agreement.

Top 4: I Got A Boy

I Got A Boy recently has broken more than 195 Million views on YouTube and the members are happy.

Top 3: Genie

SNSD wore different uniforms in the music video and created a huge sensation during that time.

Top 2: Gee

SNSD has broken many records through Gee.

1st: Into the New World

Into the New World is SNSD’ debut song. The members said they still feel touching when listening to the song. We didn’t feel anything during that time, but after experiencing so many things, the song is more touching.

Photo & video source: KBS’s Entertainment Weekly, SMTOWN