The well-known bestie will appear on Happy Together 3! Although Taemin and Kai are from different groups but they are well-known for their good relationship. Recently, they appeared on KBS’s variety show ‘Happy Together 3’ summer special which will be aired tonight (24 August).

Early this month, Happy Together3 has filmed the summer vacation ‘Star Golden Bell’ special where they invited lots of celebrities to the show. The invited guests included SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Kai.

Kai mentioned in EXO fan-sign that this is his first time appeared on variety show without the members although he finds it difficult but thanks to Taemin he feels better.

During the show, Taemin and Kai poke fun of one another and even talks about the story during their trainee days. In their early trainee days, Kai said Taemin even asked him to called him ‘Hyung’ (which means older brother), but at the end, they became friends and talk informally. Also, unlike their charisma¬†performance on stage, in real life, they reveal that they actually keep losing things.

The show will be air on 24 August, 11.10 PM (KST), looking forward to the broadcast.