Yesterday Lee Yoo Bi and SHINee’s Choi Min Ho went to JTBC’s web drama ‘Somehow 18’ press conference.

‘Somehow 18’ is starring by main leads Choi Min Ho and Lee Yoo Bi and will be aired on NAVER TV on 28 August. Previously, they have released the drama poster and on-set photos.

At the press conference, Lee Yoo Bi mentioned her injuries when filming ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ and talked about her feelings while resting for a long period: “I was injured last 2 years while filming, so when I am back to filming set, it will keep reminds me the feelings and so I have trauma and undergo therapy for 2 years…This time I made the decision and received the drama-script which gave me lots of power. While working with the director, Minho and the staffs, my feelings are recovering. I hope those who are hurt (in terms of feeling) will heal by watching the drama.”

Lee Yoo Bi injured in 2015 while filming for her main lead drama ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’, she accidentally fell down and injured her waist and almost can’t walk, after that she had trauma and rested for a long period of time.

After 2 years, she back on-screen for drama ‘Somehow 18’ and received lots of ‘power’ through the project. ‘Somehow 18’ is a romantic love story that talks about the main actor who was bullied in high school and saved her first love who trying to suicide. He travelled back to 18 years old to save her.

‘Somehow 18’ Press Conference photos: