Baby Driver main lead, Ansel Elgort recently came to Korea to promote his new film and what’s surprised us was his good relationship with BTS.

‘Baby Driver’ had a press conference on 25 August at Megabox COEX. Ansel Elgort revealed that last year he was invited to Korea as a DJ for a music festival and get to know BTS at recent ‘Billboard Music Awards’.

‘I really like Korea music, I think K-Pop has its own originality,” said Ansel Elgort. He added: “This year May, I met BTS at ‘Billboard Music Awards’ and took a photo and have a short conversation with them as well, after that, we still keep in touch with one another. I’m really looking forward to meet Rap Monster and V few hours later.”

Later, Ansel Elgort then uploaded a photo of him and Rap Monster and V.

BTS will return with new album ‘Love Yourself’ on 18 September.

Photo source: Big Hit Ent., Sony Pictures