Do you know which couple did not end up together in the drama but is dating in real life?

Firstly, the most recent announced couple, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri. We still remember Jung Hwan’s confession in episode 18 of Reply 1988: “I wanted to say this long time ago, I really like you.” but Duk Sun (starring by Hyeri) ended up together with Taek (starring by Park Bogum). Many have felt sad when the two did not end up together.

Next is couple Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun who starred together in drama ‘Two Week’ but they are not together at the end. They are now couple in real life and held their wedding ceremony in this January and last few days Park Ha Sun gave birth to a baby girl. 

Ji Sung and Park Bo Young starred in drama ‘Save the Last Dance with Me’ but did not end up together. Park Bo Young revealed during an interview: “There’s not much interaction between us during the drama. Ji Sung asked me for a drink during his military service break and he chased me for several months and ended up touched by his action.” Ji Sung always shares Park Bo Young and her daughter photos on Instagram. What a lovely family.

Lastly is Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In. They starred as the sad-ending couple in drama ‘Yellow Handkerchief’. In real life, they have been married for 12 years and is the lovely couple representative in the entertainment industry.

photo source: MBC, tvN, SBS, KBS